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What Science Has Taught Us About Black Holes

Black holes are massive, scary, and destructive. These three characteristics are not really popular among the folks that live on planet Earth. However, we are not talking about the planet Earth here – we are talking about universe. Although the concept of black holes has revolutionized the world of science, it has also surprised people with its unique properties which somehow don’t agree with the general laws of nature that we all know and love. We are pretty sure that you already know who Stephen Hawking is. Well, he once said that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. So, how is this statement connected to black holes?

Black holes have been an inspiration to many different movies and TV shows. According to Wikipedia, black holes are regions of space time from which gravity prevents anything from escaping, including light. Now, we know that Wikipedia sometimes cannot be trusted, but when it comes to black holes, pretty much anything that you read could be true. That being said, here are some things that science has taught us about black holes!

Black Holes Connect Us All

The binding force behind all those galaxies in space has always been a question that scientists could not really answer. However, many people think that galaxies are held together by large black holes which are located in their centers. The gravitational force keeps all those galaxies and stars intact and in the right position. When two or more galaxies collide, their central black holes become more massive. The main point that you need to remember here is that black holes hold the systems intact, as well as ensure that they stay in the right position. But then again, more research is required in order for this to be 100% confirmed.

They Are Large Memory Devices

Nothing that gets inside of a black hole can be accessed from the outside. But this does not mean that the matter is lost or destroyed inside of a black hole. However, the matter might never be the same again. It is like burning a magazine – although the information is not lost, it is pretty hard to read. Black holes really are mysterious, aren’t they?


Just like human beings, black holes can get obese. Obese black holes are known as supermassive black holes. There is absolutely no limit to how large a black hole can become. Logically, the larger the black hole is, the more space it takes up. Scientists believe that supermassive black holes play a very important role when it comes to preventing galaxies from becoming bigger.